Haller Park

Haller Park currently hosts a variety of wildlife which includes buffalos, hippos, giraffes and antelopes. It also contains a game sanctuary, small demonstration fish farm area, crocodile pens, Reptile Park, giraffe viewing platform and a palm garden; all these offers a variety of attractions at various points to entertain and educate over 160,000 tourists who visit the recreation hub every year. Haller recreation ground is a haven for the botanist. It features a diversity of vegetation, from mangrove palms to coastal forests where such plants are rare and endangered. Each plant plays a vital role in harmonizing the ecosystem. Get up close and personal with waterbuck, giant crocodiles, Aldabra tortoises, hippos, elands and buffalo. They also have highly trained guides who will escort you around the recreation hub, ensuring your visit is enjoyable and educational. Read more: